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Florence Museums and Palaces

The museums and palaces of Florence are unique in the world, beautiful, large, rich, unforgettable! To be in front of so many masterpieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, Caravaggio or Rembrandt is simply like an awake dream.

We are moved, upset, enriched, happy! It is indeed a great happiness to be able to admire all these world-famous works.

COVID Museums Booking Required

Prior bookings are mandatory or advised to meet COVID security standards.

Skip-the-line and Pass tickets are considered bookings and guarantee entry.

The number of entries is limited per day. So even if you stand in line at the ticket office (attention many are closed and buying online is the only option), you will not be sure to be able to enter the same day or the next day.

Florence Museums, Palaces and Gardens
Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Uffizi Gallery and Botticelli  infos 
Accademia David Michelangelo  infos 
The Palazzo Vecchio  infos 
Leonardo da Vinci Museum €8  infos 
Pitti Palace Palatina €22  infos 
Boboli Gardens Ticket €11  infos 
Skip the Line Bargello €13  infos 
Sciences Galileo Museum €13  infos 
Archaeological Museum €13  infos 
Selfie Museum Firenze €13  infos 
Leonardo da Vinci Museum €10  infos 
Opificio delle Pietre Dure €8  infos 
Medici Dynasty Museum €9  infos 
Bell Tower + Duomo Museum €62  infos 
Galileo Science Museum VIP €220  infos 

The Museums and Palaces of Florence in Italy

Works presented in equally beautiful and impressive palaces, palaces surrounded by huge gardens such as Palazzo Pitti or decorated with frescoes with walls and ceilings such as the Uffizzi or Palazzo Vecchio.

Huge rooms covered with paintings, walls and ceilings, such as the Hall of the Five Hundred of Palazzo Vecchio, a room where superb statues are lined up along its walls, including an exceptional Michelangelo.

Palaces with a soul, that of the Medici, this extraordinary family without which Florence would never have been what it is, would never have seen so many artistic geniuses born at once.

Thanks to the Medici and the greatness of Florence, your stay here will be unforgettable and you will have only one desire: Come back!

It is indeed impossible to see all these masterpieces in one stay.

Moreover, these are not picture books that we quickly browse, each painting, each sculpture deserves to stop there for many minutes (and even to return to see them every visit to the museum, as we do ourselves).

An obligation if you want to fully feel the beauty, the power of each.

Good visit!

Tours Tickets Uffizi | Accademia | Duomo | Museums | Churches | Florence | Taste | Getaways

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